Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital




The House of Daviot





Physician Superintendent :

R. DODS BROWN,    M.D.,    F.R.C.P.E.


                                                                        Resident Assistant Physician                                                                                Matron

                                                                HUGH WEIR,    B.Sc.,    M.B.,    Ch.B.                                                         Miss M. F. ROBERTSON                                                                            

Clerk and Treasurer

JOHN A. McCONACHIE,  230 Union Street, Aberdeen





                                                                                                        Physician Superintendent                       Aberdeen 182 & 183

                                                                                                        The House of Daviot                             Wartle 10




Dr. Dods Brown may be seen by appointment





Male Hospital


Female Hospital



The Directors of the Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital with a view to providing a Hospital of the best class for patients suffering from mental and nervous troubles, equipped with every modern requirement and situated in pleasant and health-giving surroundings,  have enlarged and reconstructed the Mansion House on their estate at Daviot, near the Burgh of Inverurie in the County of Aberdeen, for the reception of ladies and have erected there a new Villa for the reception of gentlemen.

The hospital is situated close to the village of Daviot.  It is within five miles of the Burgh of Inverurie and twenty one miles of the City of Aberdeen.    The grounds of the Hospital extend to 280 acres and are beautifully laid out with gardens and woodlands

containing many attractive walks.  Opportunity for outdoor recreation is provided in a bowling green, tennis courts, croquet lawn and golf course.

The Mansion House and Villa are situated on high ground with southern and western aspects, commanding beautiful and extensive views of the surrounding country.  They have been comfortably and attractively furnished.  In addition to accommodation in small sick rooms, and common sitting rooms, private bedrooms and private sitting rooms have been provided for patients desiring these    A Chapel for religious services and a Recreation Hall for indoor amusements, concerts, dances and cinematograph entertainments have also been provided.  Wireless has been installed in the sitting-rooms and sick rooms.   There is Electric Lighting in all the rooms and in the grounds, and an excellent water supply.


Sitting room Male Hospital


The treatment of the patients will be on the most modern lines including psychotherapeutic methods, hydrotherapy and electrotherapy,  while special baths and electrical equipment have been installed.  Strict attention will be devoted to the dietary of the patients.  The milk is from a tuberculin tested herd.  There is a resident Physician with an experienced Matron and highly trained nursing staff.  The treatment and care of the patients will be under the personal supervision of the Physician Superintendent.  Congenial indoor and outdoor occupation for the ladies and gentlemen will be provided in the Occupational Therapy Department and private gardens.   Arrangements have been made for the transport of patients desiring to visit Inverurie or Aberdeen.  A bus service from Aberdeen passes the entrance gate.  Patients may be visited by their friends on any day between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Visits by the family physician are especially welcomed.


  A Sick Room



                                       TermsBoard is payable quarterly and in advance


In Sick Room with others, sharing general                                                    £2 5/-  per week

sitting-rooms and dining room

Private bedroom and use of general                                                             £3 3/-  per week

sitting-rooms and dining room

Private bed-sitting-room or private bedroom                                               £4 4/-  per week

and the part services of a special nurse

with meals in the dining room

Private sitting-room and bedroom, or private                                               £6 6/-  per week

bed-sitting-room with part services of a special

nurse, meals served in private room

Private suites with or without private bathrooms               from                     £8 8/-  per week

Services of special nurses                                                each                     £2 2/-  per week





Entrance Hall to Female Hospital


A Sitting-room, Female Hospital



For information as to the arrangements for the admission of patients,  please communicate with the physician Superintendent,  Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital, Aberdeen.   It has come to be recognized that the best treatment for mental and nervous troubles is to be got in the quiet and pure air of the country in the midst of attractive and health-producing surroundings.  The Directors of the Aberdeen Royal Mental Hospital have no hesitation  in stating that they have provided this in The House of Daviot, and that for situation and treatment it will take a foremost place amongst Mental Hospitals in this country.

The Directors trust that their efforts to provide, at considerable cost,  a Hospital of this class will receive the cordial support of physicians and others interested in the treatment of mental and nervous patients, and they would urge the necessity and extreme importance of sending these patients to the Hospital for treatment at the earliest possible moment.  Delay in doing so will postpone,  if it does not  permanently prevent the patientís recovery.   Patients can be admitted either as voluntary boarders or under certificates.

A Private Sitting-room


A Bed-sitting-room


In the Grounds


Nurses Home